North Texas Senior Golf Association
 North Texas Senior Golf Association
 The NTSGA is a group of golfers, age 50 and up, who love the game of golf and practice the true spirit of the game.


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  Pecan Hollow Golf Course    December 1, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Tierra Verde Golf Club    November 17, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Woodbridge Golf Club    November 10, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Buffalo Creek Golf Club    November 2, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Texas Rangers Golf Club    October 27, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Waterchase Golf Club    October 20, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Heritage Ranch Golf and Country Club    October 13, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Woodbridge Golf Club    October 6, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Tangle Ridge Golf Club    September 29, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  The Courses at Watters Creek    September 22, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Grapevine Golf Course    September 15, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  The Golf Club Fossil Creek    September 8, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Texas Star Golf Course    September 1, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Diamond Oaks Country Club    August 30, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Tierra Verde Golf Club    August 25, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club    August 18, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Coyote Ridge Golf Club    August 11, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  The Trails of Frisco Golf Club    August 4, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Cowboys Golf Club    July 28, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Tangle Ridge Golf Club    July 21, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Grapevine Golf Course    July 14, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Diamond Oaks Country Club    July 12, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  The Courses at Watters Creek    July 7, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Texas Star Golf Course    June 30, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Heritage Ranch Golf and Country Club    June 23, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Texas Rangers Golf Club    June 16, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club    June 9, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  The Trails of Frisco Golf Club    May 26, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Grapevine Golf Course    May 12, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  The Golf Club Fossil Creek    May 5, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Buffalo Creek Golf Club    April 28, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Bear Creek Golf Club (West)    April 21, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Bridlewood Golf Club    April 14, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Waterview Golf Club    April 7, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Heritage Ranch Golf and Country Club    March 31, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Texas Rangers Golf Club    March 24, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Waterview Golf Club    March 17, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Tangle Ridge Golf Club    March 10, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Cowboys Golf Club    March 3, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Buffalo Creek Golf Club    February 24, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Thorntree Golf Club    February 3, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  Pecan Hollow Golf Course    January 27, 2021    X    X  X    X  
  The Courses at Watters Creek    January 20, 2021    X    X  X    X  


  • Results and scores use most recent handicaps calculated prior to that round.
  • Handicaps reflect the calculation used for the next round after that date.