North Texas Senior Golf Association
 The NTSGA is a group of golfers, age 50 and up, who love the game of golf and practice the true spirit of the game.

Two Man Teams List as of 12/06/2021

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Captain Partner Carryover? Carryover Date
Archbold, PeteKrause, Jim
Archbold, PeteWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $4.00
Aston, JeffGotcher, Gerald
Aston, JeffHuff, Pete
Aston, JeffKrueger, Art
Aston, JeffLindsey, Gene
Aston, JeffRobertson, Mike
Aston, JeffRogers, Joel
Aston, JeffRoll, Bill
Aston, JeffStieneker, John
Aston, JeffVaut, Butch
Aston, JeffWells, Rod
Aston, JeffWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $22.00
Bacharach, HowieBall, Roger
Bacharach, HowieBrigman, Dave
Bacharach, HowieBrown, Mike
Bacharach, HowieEdmondson, Gene
Bacharach, HowieGotcher, Gerald
Bacharach, HowieRogers, Joel
Bacharach, HowieWells, Rod
Bacharach, HowieWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $16.00
Ball, RogerCremer, Ron
Ball, RogerCromwell, Ollie
Ball, RogerJohnson, Charlie
Ball, RogerMinter, Joe
Ball, RogerNondorf, Roger
Ball, RogerPhilpott, Joe
Ball, RogerRankey, Ron
Ball, RogerRogers, Joel
Ball, RogerStarkey, David
Ball, RogerTutor, Bobby
Ball, RogerWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $22.00
Barker, MikeBall, Roger
Barker, MikeEdmondson, Gene
Barker, MikeGotcher, Gerald
Barker, MikeMilton, Larry
Barker, MikeRogers, Joel
Barker, MikeSmith, Dennis
Barker, MikeVaut, Butch
Barker, MikeWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $16.00
Bateman, JamesBarnes, Walt
Bateman, JamesBlincow, Ken
Bateman, JamesBrigman, Dave
Bateman, JamesCravens, John
Bateman, JamesDelcambre, Gary
Bateman, JamesEstes, Joe
Bateman, JamesFahs, Phil
Bateman, JamesGustafson, Rick
Bateman, JamesJohnson, Dwight
Bateman, JamesKing, Bob
Bateman, JamesMandula, Bob
Bateman, JamesPatrick, Dave
Bateman, JamesSelf, Dave
Bateman, JamesWagner, Mark
Bateman, JamesWalker, Marc
Bateman, JamesWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $32.00
Bell, TerryEdmondson, Gene
Bell, TerryWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $4.00
Beyler, LynnDenzer, Greg
   Amount Due: $2.00
Blincow, KenEstes, Joe
Blincow, KenWalker, Marc
   Amount Due: $4.00
Boring, MichaelCrigler, Rocky
Boring, MichaelHinojos, Armando
Boring, MichaelKrause, Jim
Boring, MichaelLeal, John
Boring, MichaelSmeed, Russell
Boring, MichaelStaron, Jim
Boring, MichaelVetkoetter, Bobby
Boring, MichaelWalsh, Harry
Boring, MichaelWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $18.00
Bramlett, DaveVaut, Butch
   Amount Due: $2.00
Brown, MikeCrigler, Rocky
Brown, MikeJackson, Kelly
Brown, MikeKing, Bob
Brown, MikePrice, Paul
Brown, MikeRowley, Jim
Brown, MikeWells, Rod
Brown, MikeWhitfield, Walter
   Amount Due: $14.00
Cremer, RonJohnson, Charlie
Cremer, RonMeyer, Dennis
Cremer, RonRankey, Ron
Cremer, RonStrobel, Tim
Cremer, RonTutor, Bobby
Cremer, RonWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $12.00
Crigler, RockyBacharach, Howie
Crigler, RockyBall, Roger
Crigler, RockyFahs, Phil
Crigler, RockyPowell, James
Crigler, RockyWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $10.00
Cromwell, OllieRogers, Joel
Cromwell, OllieWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $4.00
Culp, ClintBall, Roger
Culp, ClintDaneshfar, Jalil
Culp, ClintEdmondson, Gene
Culp, ClintGotcher, Gerald
Culp, ClintKayser, Bill
Culp, ClintKrause, Jim
Culp, ClintMiller, David
Culp, ClintNicholson, Randy
Culp, ClintRogers, Joel
Culp, ClintRomanyak, Pete
Culp, ClintRuth, Rob
Culp, ClintShackelford, Doug
Culp, ClintSwanson, Ron
Culp, ClintWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $28.00
Daneshfar, JalilBoring, Michael
   Amount Due: $2.00
Daum, ScottBacharach, Howie
Daum, ScottBall, Roger
Daum, ScottCremer, Ron
Daum, ScottEdmondson, Gene
Daum, ScottGreaves, Basil
Daum, ScottJohnson, Charlie
Daum, ScottJohnson, Dwight
Daum, ScottMcMahan, Tom
Daum, ScottMilton, Larry
Daum, ScottMinter, Joe
Daum, ScottRankey, Ron
Daum, ScottRogers, Joel
Daum, ScottStarkey, David
Daum, ScottStrobel, Tim
Daum, ScottWells, Rod
Daum, ScottWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $32.00
Davis, KellyDaneshfar, JalilCarryover10-27-2021
Davis, KellyRuth, Rob
   Amount Due: $2.00
Delcambre, GaryBall, Roger
Delcambre, GaryGreaves, Basil
Delcambre, GaryJohnson, Dwight
Delcambre, GaryRogers, Joel
Delcambre, GaryShaw, Blake
Delcambre, GaryWells, Rod
Delcambre, GaryWestbrook, Ralph
   Amount Due: $14.00
Edmondson, GeneBall, Roger
Edmondson, GeneCremer, Ron
Edmondson, GeneDelcambre, Gary
Edmondson, GeneJohnson, Charlie
Edmondson, GeneMinter, Joe
Edmondson, GeneNondorf, Roger
Edmondson, GeneRankey, Ron
Edmondson, GeneRogers, Joel
Edmondson, GeneSmith, Dennis
Edmondson, GeneStarkey, David
Edmondson, GeneStrobel, Tim
Edmondson, GeneTutor, Bobby
Edmondson, GeneWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $26.00
Fahs, PhilAston, Jeff
Fahs, PhilBall, Roger
Fahs, PhilBramlett, Dave
Fahs, PhilBrown, Mike
Fahs, PhilDaum, Scott
Fahs, PhilEdmondson, Gene
Fahs, PhilJohnson, Dwight
Fahs, PhilKrueger, Art
Fahs, PhilMeyer, Dennis
Fahs, PhilMilton, Larry
Fahs, PhilWagner, Mark
Fahs, PhilWalker, Marc
Fahs, PhilWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $26.00
Fargo, DickCulp, Clint
Fargo, DickSchmidt, Harry
   Amount Due: $4.00
Fryar, DickBateman, James
Fryar, DickMink, Brad
Fryar, DickNondorf, Roger
Fryar, DickRogers, JoelCarryover03-17-2021
Fryar, DickWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $8.00
Goethals, RonBall, Roger
Goethals, RonGoethals, Brad
Goethals, RonKenyon, Bob
Goethals, RonRogers, Joel
Goethals, RonVestal, Mike
Goethals, RonWiley, Rick
Goethals, RonWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $14.00
Gotcher, GeraldArchbold, Pete
Gotcher, GeraldBall, Roger
Gotcher, GeraldJohnson, Dwight
Gotcher, GeraldMarks, Don
Gotcher, GeraldMedlin, Russ
Gotcher, GeraldNondorf, Roger
Gotcher, GeraldPhilpott, Joe
Gotcher, GeraldRankey, Ron
Gotcher, GeraldRogers, Joel
Gotcher, GeraldVaut, Butch
Gotcher, GeraldWalsh, Harry
Gotcher, GeraldWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $24.00
Gustafson, RickFryar, Dick
Gustafson, RickGoethals, Ron
Gustafson, RickKimberlin, Larry
Gustafson, RickMink, Brad
Gustafson, RickRogers, Joel
Gustafson, RickWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $12.00
Hall, DickBall, Roger
Hall, DickBell, Terry
Hall, DickBramlett, Dave
Hall, DickCarrick, John
Hall, DickCulp, Clint
Hall, DickDraeger, Duane
Hall, DickEdmondson, Gene
Hall, DickFahs, Phil
Hall, DickGotcher, Gerald
Hall, DickPhilpott, Joe
Hall, DickPrater, Elliott
Hall, DickPrice, Paul
Hall, DickRogers, Joel
Hall, DickRoll, Bill
Hall, DickRowley, Jim
Hall, DickVaut, Butch
Hall, DickWells, Rod
Hall, DickWilkerson, Lou
Hall, DickWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $38.00
Hatfield, TomBall, Roger
Hatfield, TomBarker, Mike
Hatfield, TomCromwell, Ollie
Hatfield, TomCulp, Clint
Hatfield, TomEdmondson, Gene
Hatfield, TomGotcher, Gerald
Hatfield, TomHall, Dick
Hatfield, TomRobertson, Mike
Hatfield, TomRogers, Joel
Hatfield, TomRomanyak, Pete
Hatfield, TomWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $22.00
Johnson, CharlieWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $2.00
Johnson, DwightBacharach, Howie
Johnson, DwightEdmondson, Gene
Johnson, DwightEnglish, Greg
Johnson, DwightFosheim, Mike
Johnson, DwightGoethals, Brad
Johnson, DwightGreaves, Basil
Johnson, DwightKrueger, Art
Johnson, DwightMeyer, Dennis
Johnson, DwightMink, Brad
Johnson, DwightRamos, Joe Ben
Johnson, DwightRoll, Bill
Johnson, DwightSmith, Dennis
Johnson, DwightTovar, David
Johnson, DwightWells, Rod
Johnson, DwightWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $30.00
Jones, RodgerAnderson, John
   Amount Due: $2.00
Jones, SteveCrigler, Rocky
Jones, SteveGodbey, Mike
Jones, SteveKemp, David
Jones, StevePecenka, Dan
Jones, SteveWhitfield, Walter
   Amount Due: $10.00
Kayser, BillEdmondson, Gene
Kayser, BillFargo, Dick
Kayser, BillRogers, Joel
Kayser, BillSchmidt, Harry
   Amount Due: $8.00
Kemp, DavidCrigler, Rocky
Kemp, DavidGodbey, Mike
Kemp, DavidPecenka, Dan
Kemp, DavidPowell, James
Kemp, DavidRener, Doug
Kemp, DavidSmith, Chuck
Kemp, DavidWhitfield, Walter
   Amount Due: $14.00
Kenyon, BobGoethals, Brad
Kenyon, BobRogers, Joel
Kenyon, BobWiley, Rick
   Amount Due: $6.00
Kibler, BillFahs, Phil
Kibler, BillJenkins, Jerry
   Amount Due: $4.00
Kimberlin, LarryAnderson, John
Kimberlin, LarryBertschi, Dan
Kimberlin, LarryFryar, DickCarryover04-14-2021
Kimberlin, LarryJones, Rodger
Kimberlin, LarryMilton, Larry
Kimberlin, LarryMink, Brad
Kimberlin, LarryNondorf, Roger
Kimberlin, LarryPhillips, Tom
Kimberlin, LarryPowell, James
Kimberlin, LarrySmith, Frank
Kimberlin, LarryTharp, Johnny
Kimberlin, LarryYarbrough, Jim
   Amount Due: $22.00
King, BobJones, John
King, BobTritch, Scott
   Amount Due: $4.00
Krause, JimBramlett, Dave
Krause, JimGrupp, Ray
Krause, JimMueller, Wayne
Krause, JimRowley, Jim
Krause, JimVaut, Butch
Krause, JimWalsh, Harry
Krause, JimWells, Rod
Krause, JimWheeler, Joe Bob
   Amount Due: $16.00
Krueger, ArtHuff, Pete
Krueger, ArtRogers, Joel
Krueger, ArtWalker, Jerry
Krueger, ArtWilkerson, Lou
   Amount Due: $8.00
Lambert, BillBrigman, Dave
Lambert, BillLewis, Bob
Lambert, BillMandula, Bob
Lambert, BillNondorf, Roger
Lambert, BillPhilpott, Joe
Lambert, BillSelf, Dave
Lambert, BillShelton, Joe
Lambert, BillSmeed, Russell
Lambert, BillVetkoetter, Bobby
   Amount Due: $18.00
Latham, TerryHarwell, Mark
Latham, TerryShaw, Blake
Latham, TerryWalsh, Harry
   Amount Due: $6.00
Lewis, BobShelton, Joe
Lewis, BobSkinner, Randy
   Amount Due: $4.00
Lindsey, GeneDelcambre, Gary
Lindsey, GeneGebhardt, Larry
Lindsey, GeneHeflin, Darrell
Lindsey, GeneJenkins, Jerry
Lindsey, GeneMartin, Jack
Lindsey, GeneRobinson, Ben
   Amount Due: $12.00
Marks, DonMarshall, Eddie
Marks, DonMilton, Larry
   Amount Due: $4.00
McGaughey, MikePatrick, Dave
   Amount Due: $2.00
McKinney, DalWilliams, Mike
   Amount Due: $2.00
McMahan, TomBall, Roger
McMahan, TomCromwell, Ollie
McMahan, TomDelcambre, Gary
McMahan, TomEdmondson, Gene
McMahan, TomFryar, Dick
McMahan, TomGotcher, Gerald
McMahan, TomKayser, Bill
McMahan, TomKibler, Bill
McMahan, TomKrause, Jim
McMahan, TomNelson, Gary
McMahan, TomNondorf, Roger
McMahan, TomPatrick, Dave
McMahan, TomPrice, Paul
McMahan, TomRogers, Joel
McMahan, TomRowley, Jim
McMahan, TomRuth, Rob
McMahan, TomSchmidt, Harry
McMahan, TomVaut, Butch
McMahan, TomVetkoetter, Bobby
McMahan, TomWells, Rod
McMahan, TomZimmerman, Gary
   Amount Due: $42.00
Medlin, RussBall, Roger
Medlin, RussCremer, Ron
Medlin, RussDaum, Scott
Medlin, RussEdmondson, Gene
Medlin, RussJohnson, Charlie
Medlin, RussJohnson, Dwight
Medlin, RussMeyer, Dennis
Medlin, RussNondorf, Roger
Medlin, RussParker, Andy
Medlin, RussSmith, Dennis
Medlin, RussStarkey, David
Medlin, RussTutor, Bobby
Medlin, RussVestal, Mike
Medlin, RussWells, Rod
Medlin, RussWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $30.00
Meyer, DennisBacharach, Howie
Meyer, DennisBall, Roger
Meyer, DennisDaum, Scott
Meyer, DennisEdmondson, Gene
Meyer, DennisLewis, Bob
Meyer, DennisRogers, Joel
Meyer, DennisSmith, Dennis
Meyer, DennisTutor, Bobby
Meyer, DennisWalsh, Harry
Meyer, DennisWells, Rod
Meyer, DennisWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $22.00
Millaway, DannyAnderson, John
Millaway, DannyAston, Jeff
Millaway, DannyDelcambre, Gary
Millaway, DannyKemp, David
Millaway, DannyKenyon, Bob
Millaway, DannyLindsey, Gene
Millaway, DannyMartin, Jack
Millaway, DannyPecenka, Dan
Millaway, DannyRogers, Joel
Millaway, DannySmith, Dennis
Millaway, DannyWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $22.00
Miller, DavidBell, Terry
Miller, DavidEdmondson, Gene
Miller, DavidRogers, Joel
Miller, DavidShackelford, Doug
Miller, DavidSwanson, Ron
Miller, DavidWands, Bob
Miller, DavidWheeler, Pat
   Amount Due: $14.00
Miller, GeorgeWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $2.00
Miller, ThunderBoring, Michael
Miller, ThunderCromwell, Ollie
Miller, ThunderCulp, Clint
Miller, ThunderMinter, Joe
Miller, ThunderWheeler, Joe Bob
   Amount Due: $10.00
Milton, LarryBacharach, Howie
Milton, LarryBall, Roger
Milton, LarryEdmondson, Gene
Milton, LarryWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $8.00
Minter, JoeJohnson, Charlie
Minter, JoeRankey, Ron
Minter, JoeRogers, Joel
Minter, JoeSykes, Phil
   Amount Due: $8.00
Mitchell, GaryWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $2.00
Mueller, WayneWalsh, Harry
   Amount Due: $2.00
Nelson, GaryBarker, Mike
Nelson, GaryGoethals, Brad
Nelson, GaryRener, Doug
Nelson, GaryRuth, Rob
Nelson, GarySteeno, Rick
Nelson, GaryVaut, Butch
   Amount Due: $12.00
Nicholson, RandyMink, Brad
Nicholson, RandyRuth, Rob
   Amount Due: $4.00
Nondorf, RogerBarker, Mike
Nondorf, RogerBertschi, Dan
Nondorf, RogerCremer, Ron
Nondorf, RogerCrigler, Rocky
Nondorf, RogerDaum, Scott
Nondorf, RogerMarks, Don
Nondorf, RogerMeyer, Dennis
Nondorf, RogerMilton, Larry
Nondorf, RogerRies, Joe
Nondorf, RogerSmith, Frank
Nondorf, RogerVaut, Butch
Nondorf, RogerWells, Rod
Nondorf, RogerWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $26.00
Parker, AndyBacharach, Howie
Parker, AndyDelcambre, Gary
Parker, AndyRogers, Joel
Parker, AndySmith, Dennis
   Amount Due: $8.00
Patrick, DaveBlincow, Ken
Patrick, DaveDaum, Scott
Patrick, DaveEstes, Joe
Patrick, DaveRuth, Rob
Patrick, DaveSykes, Phil
Patrick, DaveWalker, Marc
Patrick, DaveWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $14.00
Pecenka, DanCrigler, Rocky
Pecenka, DanGodbey, Mike
Pecenka, DanKasmiersky, Rusty
Pecenka, DanPowell, James
Pecenka, DanRener, Doug
Pecenka, DanSmith, Chuck
Pecenka, DanWhitfield, Walter
   Amount Due: $14.00
Phillips, TomCrigler, Rocky
Phillips, TomPowell, James
   Amount Due: $4.00
Philpott, JoeArchbold, Pete
Philpott, JoeEdmondson, Gene
Philpott, JoeWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $6.00
Price, PaulAston, Jeff
Price, PaulLindsey, Gene
Price, PaulMillaway, Danny
Price, PaulRogers, Joel
Price, PaulSmith, Dennis
Price, PaulVaut, Butch
   Amount Due: $12.00
Ramos, Joe BenEnglish, Greg
Ramos, Joe BenGaona, Carlos
Ramos, Joe BenMedlin, Russ
Ramos, Joe BenParker, Andy
Ramos, Joe BenTovar, David
Ramos, Joe BenWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $12.00
Rankey, RonJohnson, Charlie
Rankey, RonWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $4.00
Rener, DougSmith, Chuck
   Amount Due: $2.00
Robertson, MikeBall, Roger
Robertson, MikeBarker, Mike
Robertson, MikeEdmondson, Gene
Robertson, MikeGotcher, Gerald
Robertson, MikeJohnson, Dwight
Robertson, MikeJones, John
Robertson, MikeKing, Bob
Robertson, MikeNondorf, Roger
Robertson, MikeRogers, Joel
Robertson, MikeSmith, Dennis
Robertson, MikeTritch, Scott
   Amount Due: $22.00
Robinson, BenAston, Jeff
Robinson, BenMillaway, Danny
Robinson, BenPrice, Paul
Robinson, BenRogers, Joel
   Amount Due: $8.00
Rogers, JoelArchbold, Pete
Rogers, JoelBoring, Michael
Rogers, JoelBramlett, Dave
Rogers, JoelClay, Bob
Rogers, JoelFahs, Phil
Rogers, JoelGreaves, Basil
Rogers, JoelJohnson, Dwight
Rogers, JoelKing, Bill
Rogers, JoelLindsey, Gene
Rogers, JoelMarks, Don
Rogers, JoelMedlin, Russ
Rogers, JoelMiller, Thunder
Rogers, JoelMilton, Larry
Rogers, JoelNondorf, Roger
Rogers, JoelPhilpott, Joe
Rogers, JoelPrater, Elliott
Rogers, JoelRowley, Jim
Rogers, JoelThompson, Jack
Rogers, JoelWagner, Ken
Rogers, JoelWalsh, Harry
Rogers, JoelWells, Rod
Rogers, JoelWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $44.00
Roll, BillBramlett, Dave
Roll, BillFahs, Phil
Roll, BillGotcher, Gerald
Roll, BillKrause, Jim
Roll, BillMcMahan, Tom
Roll, BillPrater, Elliott
Roll, BillRogers, Joel
Roll, BillRowley, Jim
Roll, BillThompson, Jack
Roll, BillVaut, Butch
Roll, BillWands, Bob
   Amount Due: $22.00
Romanyak, PeteBrown, Mike
Romanyak, PeteNeel, Jerry
Romanyak, PeteVetkoetter, Bobby
   Amount Due: $6.00
Rowley, JimBramlett, Dave
Rowley, JimVaut, Butch
   Amount Due: $4.00
Ruth, RobBacharach, Howie
Ruth, RobBarker, Mike
Ruth, RobCromwell, Ollie
Ruth, RobDaneshfar, Jalil
Ruth, RobDaum, Scott
Ruth, RobEdmondson, Gene
Ruth, RobEnglish, Greg
Ruth, RobFahs, Phil
Ruth, RobGotcher, Gerald
Ruth, RobHatfield, Tom
Ruth, RobMitchell, Gary
Ruth, RobRogers, Joel
Ruth, RobSmith, Dennis
Ruth, RobVaut, Butch
Ruth, RobWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $30.00
Schoemann, PeteArchbold, Pete
Schoemann, PeteAston, Jeff
Schoemann, PeteCulp, Clint
Schoemann, PeteFahs, Phil
Schoemann, PeteGotcher, Gerald
Schoemann, PeteKing, Bill
Schoemann, PeteRogers, Joel
Schoemann, PeteWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $16.00
Seagram, MikeWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $2.00
Self, DaveEstes, Joe
Self, DaveMitchell, Gary
Self, DavePatrick, Dave
Self, DaveWagner, Mark
Self, DaveWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $10.00
Shackelford, DougBell, Terry
Shackelford, DougHatfield, Tom
Shackelford, DougRogers, Joel
Shackelford, DougRoll, Bill
Shackelford, DougRuth, Rob
Shackelford, DougVaut, Butch
Shackelford, DougWagner, Ken
Shackelford, DougWands, Bob
   Amount Due: $16.00
Shelton, JoeSkinner, Randy
   Amount Due: $2.00
Smith, ChuckWhitfield, Walter
   Amount Due: $2.00
Smith, DennisBall, Roger
Smith, DennisClay, Bob
Smith, DennisCremer, Ron
Smith, DennisDaum, Scott
Smith, DennisDelcambre, Gary
Smith, DennisFahs, Phil
Smith, DennisGotcher, Gerald
Smith, DennisGreaves, Basil
Smith, DennisJohnson, Charlie
Smith, DennisMinter, Joe
Smith, DennisPatrick, Dave
Smith, DennisRankey, Ron
Smith, DennisRogers, Joel
Smith, DennisStarkey, David
Smith, DennisStrobel, Tim
Smith, DennisSykes, Phil
Smith, DennisTutor, Bobby
Smith, DennisVestal, Mike
Smith, DennisWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $38.00
Smith, DougEdmondson, Gene
Smith, DougWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $4.00
Smith, FrankWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $2.00
Starkey, DavidClay, Bob
Starkey, DavidCremer, Ron
Starkey, DavidJohnson, Charlie
Starkey, DavidRankey, Ron
Starkey, DavidStrobel, Tim
Starkey, DavidTutor, Bobby
Starkey, DavidWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $14.00
Stieneker, JohnRogers, Joel
Stieneker, JohnWands, Bob
Stieneker, JohnWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $6.00
Strobel, TimBall, Roger
Strobel, TimBramlett, Dave
Strobel, TimJohnson, Charlie
Strobel, TimMarks, Don
Strobel, TimRogers, Joel
Strobel, TimWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $12.00
Swanson, RonLocklear, Dan
Swanson, RonMandula, Bob
Swanson, RonMarshall, Eddie
Swanson, RonShackelford, DougCarryover11-17-2021
   Amount Due: $6.00
Sykes, PhilBall, Roger
Sykes, PhilCremer, Ron
Sykes, PhilEdmondson, Gene
Sykes, PhilJohnson, Charlie
Sykes, PhilRogers, Joel
Sykes, PhilStarkey, David
Sykes, PhilStrobel, Tim
Sykes, PhilWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $16.00
Tharp, JohnnyCrabtree, Scott
   Amount Due: $2.00
Tutor, BobbyDaum, Scott
Tutor, BobbyJohnson, Charlie
Tutor, BobbyRankey, Ron
Tutor, BobbyStrobel, Tim
Tutor, BobbySykes, Phil
Tutor, BobbyWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $12.00
Vessels, PaulAnderson, John
Vessels, PaulNicholson, Randy
   Amount Due: $4.00
Vestal, MikeBall, Roger
Vestal, MikeBarker, Mike
Vestal, MikeClay, Bob
Vestal, MikeCremer, Ron
Vestal, MikeDaum, Scott
Vestal, MikeEdmondson, Gene
Vestal, MikeFahs, Phil
Vestal, MikeGreaves, Basil
Vestal, MikeJohnson, Charlie
Vestal, MikeJohnson, Dwight
Vestal, MikeMeyer, Dennis
Vestal, MikeMinter, Joe
Vestal, MikePhillips, Tom
Vestal, MikeRankey, Ron
Vestal, MikeRogers, Joel
Vestal, MikeStarkey, David
Vestal, MikeStrobel, Tim
Vestal, MikeSykes, Phil
Vestal, MikeTutor, Bobby
Vestal, MikeWells, Rod
Vestal, MikeWindsor, Greg
Vestal, MikeWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $44.00
Vetkoetter, BobbyBall, Roger
Vetkoetter, BobbyBarnes, WaltCarryover12-01-2021
Vetkoetter, BobbyEdmondson, Gene
Vetkoetter, BobbyGotcher, Gerald
Vetkoetter, BobbyHatfield, Tom
Vetkoetter, BobbyPatrick, Dave
Vetkoetter, BobbySmith, Dennis
Vetkoetter, BobbyWells, Rod
Vetkoetter, BobbyZimmerman, Gary
   Amount Due: $16.00
Wagner, MarkBlincow, Ken
Wagner, MarkEstes, Joe
Wagner, MarkJohnson, Timmy
Wagner, MarkMcGaughey, Mike
Wagner, MarkPatrick, Dave
Wagner, MarkWalker, Marc
Wagner, MarkWilliams, Gene
   Amount Due: $14.00
Walker, JerryHuff, Pete
   Amount Due: $2.00
Walsh, HarryVaut, Butch
   Amount Due: $2.00
Walsh, LiamBrown, Mike
   Amount Due: $2.00
Wands, BobBarker, Mike
Wands, BobCromwell, Ollie
Wands, BobKrause, Jim
Wands, BobMcMahan, Tom
Wands, BobMueller, Wayne
Wands, BobNicholson, Randy
Wands, BobNorman, Gary
Wands, BobRuth, Rob
Wands, BobWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $18.00
Westbrook, RalphGreaves, Basil
   Amount Due: $2.00
Wheeler, Joe BobBall, Roger
Wheeler, Joe BobBarker, Mike
Wheeler, Joe BobEdmondson, Gene
Wheeler, Joe BobHatfield, Tom
Wheeler, Joe BobMiller, David
Wheeler, Joe BobSelf, Dave
Wheeler, Joe BobShackelford, DougCarryover11-17-2021
Wheeler, Joe BobWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $14.00
Whitfield, WalterCrigler, Rocky
Whitfield, WalterGodbey, Mike
Whitfield, WalterJackson, Kelly
   Amount Due: $6.00
Whitling, JackLatham, Terry
Whitling, JackShaw, Blake
   Amount Due: $4.00
Wiley, RickBall, Roger
Wiley, RickEdmondson, Gene
Wiley, RickGoethals, Brad
Wiley, RickRoll, Bill
   Amount Due: $8.00
Wilkerson, LouBoring, Michael
Wilkerson, LouHinojos, Armando
   Amount Due: $4.00
Windsor, GregBall, Roger
Windsor, GregEdmondson, Gene
Windsor, GregRobertson, Mike
Windsor, GregRuth, Rob
Windsor, GregSmith, Dennis
Windsor, GregStarkey, David
   Amount Due: $12.00
Worm, LeRoyClay, Bob
Worm, LeRoyKing, Bill
Worm, LeRoyMinter, Joe
Worm, LeRoyRogers, Joel
Worm, LeRoySchoemann, Pete
Worm, LeRoyWagner, Mark
   Amount Due: $12.00
Zimmerman, GaryBoring, MichaelCarryover10-13-2021
Zimmerman, GaryCromwell, Ollie
Zimmerman, GaryHatfield, Tom
Zimmerman, GaryHussey, Pat
Zimmerman, GaryMattingley, Randy
Zimmerman, GaryMiller, Thunder
Zimmerman, GaryRogers, Joel
Zimmerman, GaryWells, Rod
   Amount Due: $14.00

Reverse Sort (Partner --> Captain)

Partner Captain Carryover? Carryover Date
Anderson, JohnJones, Rodger
Anderson, JohnKimberlin, Larry
Anderson, JohnMillaway, Danny
Anderson, JohnVessels, Paul
   Amount Due: $8.00
Archbold, PeteGotcher, Gerald
Archbold, PetePhilpott, Joe
Archbold, PeteRogers, Joel
Archbold, PeteSchoemann, Pete
   Amount Due: $8.00
Aston, JeffFahs, Phil
Aston, JeffMillaway, Danny
Aston, JeffPrice, Paul
Aston, JeffRobinson, Ben
Aston, JeffSchoemann, Pete
   Amount Due: $10.00
Bacharach, HowieCrigler, Rocky
Bacharach, HowieDaum, Scott
Bacharach, HowieJohnson, Dwight
Bacharach, HowieMeyer, Dennis
Bacharach, HowieMilton, Larry
Bacharach, HowieParker, Andy
Bacharach, HowieRuth, Rob
   Amount Due: $14.00
Ball, RogerBacharach, Howie
Ball, RogerBarker, Mike
Ball, RogerCrigler, Rocky
Ball, RogerCulp, Clint
Ball, RogerDaum, Scott
Ball, RogerDelcambre, Gary
Ball, RogerEdmondson, Gene
Ball, RogerFahs, Phil
Ball, RogerGoethals, Ron
Ball, RogerGotcher, Gerald
Ball, RogerHall, Dick
Ball, RogerHatfield, Tom
Ball, RogerMcMahan, Tom
Ball, RogerMedlin, Russ
Ball, RogerMeyer, Dennis
Ball, RogerMilton, Larry
Ball, RogerRobertson, Mike
Ball, RogerSmith, Dennis
Ball, RogerStrobel, Tim
Ball, RogerSykes, Phil
Ball, RogerVestal, Mike
Ball, RogerVetkoetter, Bobby
Ball, RogerWheeler, Joe Bob
Ball, RogerWiley, Rick
Ball, RogerWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $50.00
Barker, MikeHatfield, Tom
Barker, MikeNelson, Gary
Barker, MikeNondorf, Roger
Barker, MikeRobertson, Mike
Barker, MikeRuth, Rob
Barker, MikeVestal, Mike
Barker, MikeWands, Bob
Barker, MikeWheeler, Joe Bob
   Amount Due: $16.00
Barnes, WaltBateman, James
Barnes, WaltVetkoetter, BobbyCarryover12-01-2021
   Amount Due: $2.00
Bateman, JamesFryar, Dick
   Amount Due: $2.00
Bell, TerryHall, Dick
Bell, TerryMiller, David
Bell, TerryShackelford, Doug
   Amount Due: $6.00
Bertschi, DanKimberlin, Larry
Bertschi, DanNondorf, Roger
   Amount Due: $4.00
Blincow, KenBateman, James
Blincow, KenPatrick, Dave
Blincow, KenWagner, Mark
   Amount Due: $6.00
Boring, MichaelDaneshfar, Jalil
Boring, MichaelMiller, Thunder
Boring, MichaelRogers, Joel
Boring, MichaelWilkerson, Lou
Boring, MichaelZimmerman, GaryCarryover10-13-2021
   Amount Due: $8.00
Bramlett, DaveFahs, Phil
Bramlett, DaveHall, Dick
Bramlett, DaveKrause, Jim
Bramlett, DaveRogers, Joel
Bramlett, DaveRoll, Bill
Bramlett, DaveRowley, Jim
Bramlett, DaveStrobel, Tim
   Amount Due: $14.00
Brigman, DaveBacharach, Howie
Brigman, DaveBateman, James
Brigman, DaveLambert, Bill
   Amount Due: $6.00
Brown, MikeBacharach, Howie
Brown, MikeFahs, Phil
Brown, MikeRomanyak, Pete
Brown, MikeWalsh, Liam
   Amount Due: $8.00
Carrick, JohnHall, Dick
   Amount Due: $2.00
Clay, BobRogers, Joel
Clay, BobSmith, Dennis
Clay, BobStarkey, David
Clay, BobVestal, Mike
Clay, BobWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $10.00
Crabtree, ScottTharp, Johnny
   Amount Due: $2.00
Cravens, JohnBateman, James
   Amount Due: $2.00
Cremer, RonBall, Roger
Cremer, RonDaum, Scott
Cremer, RonEdmondson, Gene
Cremer, RonMedlin, Russ
Cremer, RonNondorf, Roger
Cremer, RonSmith, Dennis
Cremer, RonStarkey, David
Cremer, RonSykes, Phil
Cremer, RonVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $18.00
Crigler, RockyBoring, Michael
Crigler, RockyBrown, Mike
Crigler, RockyJones, Steve
Crigler, RockyKemp, David
Crigler, RockyNondorf, Roger
Crigler, RockyPecenka, Dan
Crigler, RockyPhillips, Tom
Crigler, RockyWhitfield, Walter
   Amount Due: $16.00
Cromwell, OllieBall, Roger
Cromwell, OllieHatfield, Tom
Cromwell, OllieMcMahan, Tom
Cromwell, OllieMiller, Thunder
Cromwell, OllieRuth, Rob
Cromwell, OllieWands, Bob
Cromwell, OllieZimmerman, Gary
   Amount Due: $14.00
Culp, ClintFargo, Dick
Culp, ClintHall, Dick
Culp, ClintHatfield, Tom
Culp, ClintMiller, Thunder
Culp, ClintSchoemann, Pete
   Amount Due: $10.00
Daneshfar, JalilCulp, Clint
Daneshfar, JalilDavis, KellyCarryover10-27-2021
Daneshfar, JalilRuth, Rob
   Amount Due: $4.00
Daum, ScottFahs, Phil
Daum, ScottMedlin, Russ
Daum, ScottMeyer, Dennis
Daum, ScottNondorf, Roger
Daum, ScottPatrick, Dave
Daum, ScottRuth, Rob
Daum, ScottSmith, Dennis
Daum, ScottTutor, Bobby
Daum, ScottVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $18.00
Delcambre, GaryBateman, James
Delcambre, GaryEdmondson, Gene
Delcambre, GaryLindsey, Gene
Delcambre, GaryMcMahan, Tom
Delcambre, GaryMillaway, Danny
Delcambre, GaryParker, Andy
Delcambre, GarySmith, Dennis
   Amount Due: $14.00
Denzer, GregBeyler, Lynn
   Amount Due: $2.00
Draeger, DuaneHall, Dick
   Amount Due: $2.00
Edmondson, GeneBacharach, Howie
Edmondson, GeneBarker, Mike
Edmondson, GeneBell, Terry
Edmondson, GeneCulp, Clint
Edmondson, GeneDaum, Scott
Edmondson, GeneFahs, Phil
Edmondson, GeneHall, Dick
Edmondson, GeneHatfield, Tom
Edmondson, GeneJohnson, Dwight
Edmondson, GeneKayser, Bill
Edmondson, GeneMcMahan, Tom
Edmondson, GeneMedlin, Russ
Edmondson, GeneMeyer, Dennis
Edmondson, GeneMiller, David
Edmondson, GeneMilton, Larry
Edmondson, GenePhilpott, Joe
Edmondson, GeneRobertson, Mike
Edmondson, GeneRuth, Rob
Edmondson, GeneSmith, Doug
Edmondson, GeneSykes, Phil
Edmondson, GeneVestal, Mike
Edmondson, GeneVetkoetter, Bobby
Edmondson, GeneWheeler, Joe Bob
Edmondson, GeneWiley, Rick
Edmondson, GeneWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $50.00
English, GregJohnson, Dwight
English, GregRamos, Joe Ben
English, GregRuth, Rob
   Amount Due: $6.00
Estes, JoeBateman, James
Estes, JoeBlincow, Ken
Estes, JoePatrick, Dave
Estes, JoeSelf, Dave
Estes, JoeWagner, Mark
   Amount Due: $10.00
Fahs, PhilBateman, James
Fahs, PhilCrigler, Rocky
Fahs, PhilHall, Dick
Fahs, PhilKibler, Bill
Fahs, PhilRogers, Joel
Fahs, PhilRoll, Bill
Fahs, PhilRuth, Rob
Fahs, PhilSchoemann, Pete
Fahs, PhilSmith, Dennis
Fahs, PhilVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $20.00
Fargo, DickKayser, Bill
   Amount Due: $2.00
Fosheim, MikeJohnson, Dwight
   Amount Due: $2.00
Fryar, DickGustafson, Rick
Fryar, DickKimberlin, LarryCarryover04-14-2021
Fryar, DickMcMahan, Tom
   Amount Due: $4.00
Gaona, CarlosRamos, Joe Ben
   Amount Due: $2.00
Gebhardt, LarryLindsey, Gene
   Amount Due: $2.00
Godbey, MikeJones, Steve
Godbey, MikeKemp, David
Godbey, MikePecenka, Dan
Godbey, MikeWhitfield, Walter
   Amount Due: $8.00
Goethals, BradGoethals, Ron
Goethals, BradJohnson, Dwight
Goethals, BradKenyon, Bob
Goethals, BradNelson, Gary
Goethals, BradWiley, Rick
   Amount Due: $10.00
Goethals, RonGustafson, Rick
   Amount Due: $2.00
Gotcher, GeraldAston, Jeff
Gotcher, GeraldBacharach, Howie
Gotcher, GeraldBarker, Mike
Gotcher, GeraldCulp, Clint
Gotcher, GeraldHall, Dick
Gotcher, GeraldHatfield, Tom
Gotcher, GeraldMcMahan, Tom
Gotcher, GeraldRobertson, Mike
Gotcher, GeraldRoll, Bill
Gotcher, GeraldRuth, Rob
Gotcher, GeraldSchoemann, Pete
Gotcher, GeraldSmith, Dennis
Gotcher, GeraldVetkoetter, Bobby
   Amount Due: $26.00
Greaves, BasilDaum, Scott
Greaves, BasilDelcambre, Gary
Greaves, BasilJohnson, Dwight
Greaves, BasilRogers, Joel
Greaves, BasilSmith, Dennis
Greaves, BasilVestal, Mike
Greaves, BasilWestbrook, Ralph
   Amount Due: $14.00
Grupp, RayKrause, Jim
   Amount Due: $2.00
Gustafson, RickBateman, James
   Amount Due: $2.00
Hall, DickHatfield, Tom
   Amount Due: $2.00
Harwell, MarkLatham, Terry
   Amount Due: $2.00
Hatfield, TomRuth, Rob
Hatfield, TomShackelford, Doug
Hatfield, TomVetkoetter, Bobby
Hatfield, TomWheeler, Joe Bob
Hatfield, TomZimmerman, Gary
   Amount Due: $10.00
Heflin, DarrellLindsey, Gene
   Amount Due: $2.00
Hinojos, ArmandoBoring, Michael
Hinojos, ArmandoWilkerson, Lou
   Amount Due: $4.00
Huff, PeteAston, Jeff
Huff, PeteKrueger, Art
Huff, PeteWalker, Jerry
   Amount Due: $6.00
Hussey, PatZimmerman, Gary
   Amount Due: $2.00
Jackson, KellyBrown, Mike
Jackson, KellyWhitfield, Walter
   Amount Due: $4.00
Jenkins, JerryKibler, Bill
Jenkins, JerryLindsey, Gene
   Amount Due: $4.00
Johnson, CharlieBall, Roger
Johnson, CharlieCremer, Ron
Johnson, CharlieDaum, Scott
Johnson, CharlieEdmondson, Gene
Johnson, CharlieMedlin, Russ
Johnson, CharlieMinter, Joe
Johnson, CharlieRankey, Ron
Johnson, CharlieSmith, Dennis
Johnson, CharlieStarkey, David
Johnson, CharlieStrobel, Tim
Johnson, CharlieSykes, Phil
Johnson, CharlieTutor, Bobby
Johnson, CharlieVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $26.00
Johnson, DwightBateman, James
Johnson, DwightDaum, Scott
Johnson, DwightDelcambre, Gary
Johnson, DwightFahs, Phil
Johnson, DwightGotcher, Gerald
Johnson, DwightMedlin, Russ
Johnson, DwightRobertson, Mike
Johnson, DwightRogers, Joel
Johnson, DwightVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $18.00
Johnson, TimmyWagner, Mark
   Amount Due: $2.00
Jones, JohnKing, Bob
Jones, JohnRobertson, Mike
   Amount Due: $4.00
Jones, RodgerKimberlin, Larry
   Amount Due: $2.00
Kasmiersky, RustyPecenka, Dan
   Amount Due: $2.00
Kayser, BillCulp, Clint
Kayser, BillMcMahan, Tom
   Amount Due: $4.00
Kemp, DavidJones, Steve
Kemp, DavidMillaway, Danny
   Amount Due: $4.00
Kenyon, BobGoethals, Ron
Kenyon, BobMillaway, Danny
   Amount Due: $4.00
Kibler, BillMcMahan, Tom
   Amount Due: $2.00
Kimberlin, LarryGustafson, Rick
   Amount Due: $2.00
King, BillRogers, Joel
King, BillSchoemann, Pete
King, BillWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $6.00
King, BobBateman, James
King, BobBrown, Mike
King, BobRobertson, Mike
   Amount Due: $6.00
Krause, JimArchbold, Pete
Krause, JimBoring, Michael
Krause, JimCulp, Clint
Krause, JimMcMahan, Tom
Krause, JimRoll, Bill
Krause, JimWands, Bob
   Amount Due: $12.00
Krueger, ArtAston, Jeff
Krueger, ArtFahs, Phil
Krueger, ArtJohnson, Dwight
   Amount Due: $6.00
Latham, TerryWhitling, Jack
   Amount Due: $2.00
Leal, JohnBoring, Michael
   Amount Due: $2.00
Lewis, BobLambert, Bill
Lewis, BobMeyer, Dennis
   Amount Due: $4.00
Lindsey, GeneAston, Jeff
Lindsey, GeneMillaway, Danny
Lindsey, GenePrice, Paul
Lindsey, GeneRogers, Joel
   Amount Due: $8.00
Locklear, DanSwanson, Ron
   Amount Due: $2.00
Mandula, BobBateman, James
Mandula, BobLambert, Bill
Mandula, BobSwanson, Ron
   Amount Due: $6.00
Marks, DonGotcher, Gerald
Marks, DonNondorf, Roger
Marks, DonRogers, Joel
Marks, DonStrobel, Tim
   Amount Due: $8.00
Marshall, EddieMarks, Don
Marshall, EddieSwanson, Ron
   Amount Due: $4.00
Martin, JackLindsey, Gene
Martin, JackMillaway, Danny
   Amount Due: $4.00
Mattingley, RandyZimmerman, Gary
   Amount Due: $2.00
McGaughey, MikeWagner, Mark
   Amount Due: $2.00
McMahan, TomDaum, Scott
McMahan, TomRoll, Bill
McMahan, TomWands, Bob
   Amount Due: $6.00
Medlin, RussGotcher, Gerald
Medlin, RussRamos, Joe Ben
Medlin, RussRogers, Joel
   Amount Due: $6.00
Meyer, DennisCremer, Ron
Meyer, DennisFahs, Phil
Meyer, DennisJohnson, Dwight
Meyer, DennisMedlin, Russ
Meyer, DennisNondorf, Roger
Meyer, DennisVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $12.00
Millaway, DannyPrice, Paul
Millaway, DannyRobinson, Ben
   Amount Due: $4.00
Miller, DavidCulp, Clint
Miller, DavidWheeler, Joe Bob
   Amount Due: $4.00
Miller, ThunderRogers, Joel
Miller, ThunderZimmerman, Gary
   Amount Due: $4.00
Milton, LarryBarker, Mike
Milton, LarryDaum, Scott
Milton, LarryFahs, Phil
Milton, LarryKimberlin, Larry
Milton, LarryMarks, Don
Milton, LarryNondorf, Roger
Milton, LarryRogers, Joel
   Amount Due: $14.00
Mink, BradFryar, Dick
Mink, BradGustafson, Rick
Mink, BradJohnson, Dwight
Mink, BradKimberlin, Larry
Mink, BradNicholson, Randy
   Amount Due: $10.00
Minter, JoeBall, Roger
Minter, JoeDaum, Scott
Minter, JoeEdmondson, Gene
Minter, JoeMiller, Thunder
Minter, JoeSmith, Dennis
Minter, JoeVestal, Mike
Minter, JoeWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $14.00
Mitchell, GaryRuth, Rob
Mitchell, GarySelf, Dave
   Amount Due: $4.00
Mueller, WayneKrause, Jim
Mueller, WayneWands, Bob
   Amount Due: $4.00
Neel, JerryRomanyak, Pete
   Amount Due: $2.00
Nelson, GaryMcMahan, Tom
   Amount Due: $2.00
Nicholson, RandyCulp, Clint
Nicholson, RandyVessels, Paul
Nicholson, RandyWands, Bob
   Amount Due: $6.00
Nondorf, RogerBall, Roger
Nondorf, RogerEdmondson, Gene
Nondorf, RogerFryar, Dick
Nondorf, RogerGotcher, Gerald
Nondorf, RogerKimberlin, Larry
Nondorf, RogerLambert, Bill
Nondorf, RogerMcMahan, Tom
Nondorf, RogerMedlin, Russ
Nondorf, RogerRobertson, Mike
Nondorf, RogerRogers, Joel
   Amount Due: $20.00
Norman, GaryWands, Bob
   Amount Due: $2.00
Parker, AndyMedlin, Russ
Parker, AndyRamos, Joe Ben
   Amount Due: $4.00
Patrick, DaveBateman, James
Patrick, DaveMcGaughey, Mike
Patrick, DaveMcMahan, Tom
Patrick, DaveSelf, Dave
Patrick, DaveSmith, Dennis
Patrick, DaveVetkoetter, Bobby
Patrick, DaveWagner, Mark
   Amount Due: $14.00
Pecenka, DanJones, Steve
Pecenka, DanKemp, David
Pecenka, DanMillaway, Danny
   Amount Due: $6.00
Phillips, TomKimberlin, Larry
Phillips, TomVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $4.00
Philpott, JoeBall, Roger
Philpott, JoeGotcher, Gerald
Philpott, JoeHall, Dick
Philpott, JoeLambert, Bill
Philpott, JoeRogers, Joel
   Amount Due: $10.00
Powell, JamesCrigler, Rocky
Powell, JamesKemp, David
Powell, JamesKimberlin, Larry
Powell, JamesPecenka, Dan
Powell, JamesPhillips, Tom
   Amount Due: $10.00
Prater, ElliottHall, Dick
Prater, ElliottRogers, Joel
Prater, ElliottRoll, Bill
   Amount Due: $6.00
Price, PaulBrown, Mike
Price, PaulHall, Dick
Price, PaulMcMahan, Tom
Price, PaulRobinson, Ben
   Amount Due: $8.00
Ramos, Joe BenJohnson, Dwight
   Amount Due: $2.00
Rankey, RonBall, Roger
Rankey, RonCremer, Ron
Rankey, RonDaum, Scott
Rankey, RonEdmondson, Gene
Rankey, RonGotcher, Gerald
Rankey, RonMinter, Joe
Rankey, RonSmith, Dennis
Rankey, RonStarkey, David
Rankey, RonTutor, Bobby
Rankey, RonVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $20.00
Rener, DougKemp, David
Rener, DougNelson, Gary
Rener, DougPecenka, Dan
   Amount Due: $6.00
Ries, JoeNondorf, Roger
   Amount Due: $2.00
Robertson, MikeAston, Jeff
Robertson, MikeHatfield, Tom
Robertson, MikeWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $6.00
Robinson, BenLindsey, Gene
   Amount Due: $2.00
Rogers, JoelAston, Jeff
Rogers, JoelBacharach, Howie
Rogers, JoelBall, Roger
Rogers, JoelBarker, Mike
Rogers, JoelCromwell, Ollie
Rogers, JoelCulp, Clint
Rogers, JoelDaum, Scott
Rogers, JoelDelcambre, Gary
Rogers, JoelEdmondson, Gene
Rogers, JoelFryar, DickCarryover03-17-2021
Rogers, JoelGoethals, Ron
Rogers, JoelGotcher, Gerald
Rogers, JoelGustafson, Rick
Rogers, JoelHall, Dick
Rogers, JoelHatfield, Tom
Rogers, JoelKayser, Bill
Rogers, JoelKenyon, Bob
Rogers, JoelKrueger, Art
Rogers, JoelMcMahan, Tom
Rogers, JoelMeyer, Dennis
Rogers, JoelMillaway, Danny
Rogers, JoelMiller, David
Rogers, JoelMinter, Joe
Rogers, JoelParker, Andy
Rogers, JoelPrice, Paul
Rogers, JoelRobertson, Mike
Rogers, JoelRobinson, Ben
Rogers, JoelRoll, Bill
Rogers, JoelRuth, Rob
Rogers, JoelSchoemann, Pete
Rogers, JoelShackelford, Doug
Rogers, JoelSmith, Dennis
Rogers, JoelStieneker, John
Rogers, JoelStrobel, Tim
Rogers, JoelSykes, Phil
Rogers, JoelVestal, Mike
Rogers, JoelWorm, LeRoy
Rogers, JoelZimmerman, Gary
   Amount Due: $74.00
Roll, BillAston, Jeff
Roll, BillHall, Dick
Roll, BillJohnson, Dwight
Roll, BillShackelford, Doug
Roll, BillWiley, Rick
   Amount Due: $10.00
Romanyak, PeteCulp, Clint
Romanyak, PeteHatfield, Tom
   Amount Due: $4.00
Rowley, JimBrown, Mike
Rowley, JimHall, Dick
Rowley, JimKrause, Jim
Rowley, JimMcMahan, Tom
Rowley, JimRogers, Joel
Rowley, JimRoll, Bill
   Amount Due: $12.00
Ruth, RobCulp, Clint
Ruth, RobDavis, Kelly
Ruth, RobMcMahan, Tom
Ruth, RobNelson, Gary
Ruth, RobNicholson, Randy
Ruth, RobPatrick, Dave
Ruth, RobShackelford, Doug
Ruth, RobWands, Bob
Ruth, RobWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $18.00
Schmidt, HarryFargo, Dick
Schmidt, HarryKayser, Bill
Schmidt, HarryMcMahan, Tom
   Amount Due: $6.00
Schoemann, PeteWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $2.00
Self, DaveBateman, James
Self, DaveLambert, Bill
Self, DaveWheeler, Joe Bob
   Amount Due: $6.00
Shackelford, DougCulp, Clint
Shackelford, DougMiller, David
Shackelford, DougSwanson, RonCarryover11-17-2021
Shackelford, DougWheeler, Joe BobCarryover11-17-2021
   Amount Due: $4.00
Shaw, BlakeDelcambre, Gary
Shaw, BlakeLatham, Terry
Shaw, BlakeWhitling, Jack
   Amount Due: $6.00
Shelton, JoeLambert, Bill
Shelton, JoeLewis, Bob
   Amount Due: $4.00
Skinner, RandyLewis, Bob
Skinner, RandyShelton, Joe
   Amount Due: $4.00
Smeed, RussellBoring, Michael
Smeed, RussellLambert, Bill
   Amount Due: $4.00
Smith, ChuckKemp, David
Smith, ChuckPecenka, Dan
Smith, ChuckRener, Doug
   Amount Due: $6.00
Smith, DennisBarker, Mike
Smith, DennisEdmondson, Gene
Smith, DennisJohnson, Dwight
Smith, DennisMedlin, Russ
Smith, DennisMeyer, Dennis
Smith, DennisMillaway, Danny
Smith, DennisParker, Andy
Smith, DennisPrice, Paul
Smith, DennisRobertson, Mike
Smith, DennisRuth, Rob
Smith, DennisVetkoetter, Bobby
Smith, DennisWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $24.00
Smith, FrankKimberlin, Larry
Smith, FrankNondorf, Roger
   Amount Due: $4.00
Starkey, DavidBall, Roger
Starkey, DavidDaum, Scott
Starkey, DavidEdmondson, Gene
Starkey, DavidMedlin, Russ
Starkey, DavidSmith, Dennis
Starkey, DavidSykes, Phil
Starkey, DavidVestal, Mike
Starkey, DavidWindsor, Greg
   Amount Due: $16.00
Staron, JimBoring, Michael
   Amount Due: $2.00
Steeno, RickNelson, Gary
   Amount Due: $2.00
Stieneker, JohnAston, Jeff
   Amount Due: $2.00
Strobel, TimCremer, Ron
Strobel, TimDaum, Scott
Strobel, TimEdmondson, Gene
Strobel, TimSmith, Dennis
Strobel, TimStarkey, David
Strobel, TimSykes, Phil
Strobel, TimTutor, Bobby
Strobel, TimVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $16.00
Swanson, RonCulp, Clint
Swanson, RonMiller, David
   Amount Due: $4.00
Sykes, PhilMinter, Joe
Sykes, PhilPatrick, Dave
Sykes, PhilSmith, Dennis
Sykes, PhilTutor, Bobby
Sykes, PhilVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $10.00
Tharp, JohnnyKimberlin, Larry
   Amount Due: $2.00
Thompson, JackRogers, Joel
Thompson, JackRoll, Bill
   Amount Due: $4.00
Tovar, DavidJohnson, Dwight
Tovar, DavidRamos, Joe Ben
   Amount Due: $4.00
Tritch, ScottKing, Bob
Tritch, ScottRobertson, Mike
   Amount Due: $4.00
Tutor, BobbyBall, Roger
Tutor, BobbyCremer, Ron
Tutor, BobbyEdmondson, Gene
Tutor, BobbyMedlin, Russ
Tutor, BobbyMeyer, Dennis
Tutor, BobbySmith, Dennis
Tutor, BobbyStarkey, David
Tutor, BobbyVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $16.00
Vaut, ButchAston, Jeff
Vaut, ButchBarker, Mike
Vaut, ButchBramlett, Dave
Vaut, ButchGotcher, Gerald
Vaut, ButchHall, Dick
Vaut, ButchKrause, Jim
Vaut, ButchMcMahan, Tom
Vaut, ButchNelson, Gary
Vaut, ButchNondorf, Roger
Vaut, ButchPrice, Paul
Vaut, ButchRoll, Bill
Vaut, ButchRowley, Jim
Vaut, ButchRuth, Rob
Vaut, ButchShackelford, Doug
Vaut, ButchWalsh, Harry
   Amount Due: $30.00
Vestal, MikeGoethals, Ron
Vestal, MikeMedlin, Russ
Vestal, MikeSmith, Dennis
   Amount Due: $6.00
Vetkoetter, BobbyBoring, Michael
Vetkoetter, BobbyLambert, Bill
Vetkoetter, BobbyMcMahan, Tom
Vetkoetter, BobbyRomanyak, Pete
   Amount Due: $8.00
Wagner, KenRogers, Joel
Wagner, KenShackelford, Doug
   Amount Due: $4.00
Wagner, MarkBateman, James
Wagner, MarkFahs, Phil
Wagner, MarkSelf, Dave
Wagner, MarkWorm, LeRoy
   Amount Due: $8.00
Walker, JerryKrueger, Art
   Amount Due: $2.00
Walker, MarcBateman, James
Walker, MarcBlincow, Ken
Walker, MarcFahs, Phil
Walker, MarcPatrick, Dave
Walker, MarcWagner, Mark
   Amount Due: $10.00
Walsh, HarryBoring, Michael
Walsh, HarryGotcher, Gerald
Walsh, HarryKrause, Jim
Walsh, HarryLatham, Terry
Walsh, HarryMeyer, Dennis
Walsh, HarryMueller, Wayne
Walsh, HarryRogers, Joel
   Amount Due: $14.00
Wands, BobMiller, David
Wands, BobRoll, Bill
Wands, BobShackelford, Doug
Wands, BobStieneker, John
   Amount Due: $8.00
Wells, RodArchbold, Pete
Wells, RodAston, Jeff
Wells, RodBacharach, Howie
Wells, RodBall, Roger
Wells, RodBarker, Mike
Wells, RodBell, Terry
Wells, RodBoring, Michael
Wells, RodBrown, Mike
Wells, RodCremer, Ron
Wells, RodCrigler, Rocky
Wells, RodCromwell, Ollie
Wells, RodCulp, Clint
Wells, RodDaum, Scott
Wells, RodDelcambre, Gary
Wells, RodEdmondson, Gene
Wells, RodFahs, Phil
Wells, RodGotcher, Gerald
Wells, RodHall, Dick
Wells, RodHatfield, Tom
Wells, RodJohnson, Charlie
Wells, RodJohnson, Dwight
Wells, RodKrause, Jim
Wells, RodMcMahan, Tom
Wells, RodMedlin, Russ
Wells, RodMeyer, Dennis
Wells, RodMillaway, Danny
Wells, RodMiller, George
Wells, RodMilton, Larry
Wells, RodMitchell, Gary
Wells, RodNondorf, Roger
Wells, RodPatrick, Dave
Wells, RodPhilpott, Joe
Wells, RodRamos, Joe Ben
Wells, RodRankey, Ron
Wells, RodRogers, Joel
Wells, RodRuth, Rob
Wells, RodSchoemann, Pete
Wells, RodSeagram, Mike
Wells, RodSelf, Dave
Wells, RodSmith, Dennis
Wells, RodSmith, Doug
Wells, RodSmith, Frank
Wells, RodStarkey, David
Wells, RodStrobel, Tim
Wells, RodSykes, Phil
Wells, RodTutor, Bobby
Wells, RodVestal, Mike
Wells, RodVetkoetter, Bobby
Wells, RodWands, Bob
Wells, RodWheeler, Joe Bob
Wells, RodZimmerman, Gary
   Amount Due: $102.00
Westbrook, RalphDelcambre, Gary
   Amount Due: $2.00
Wheeler, Joe BobKrause, Jim
Wheeler, Joe BobMiller, Thunder
   Amount Due: $4.00
Wheeler, PatMiller, David
   Amount Due: $2.00
Whitfield, WalterBrown, Mike
Whitfield, WalterJones, Steve
Whitfield, WalterKemp, David
Whitfield, WalterPecenka, Dan
Whitfield, WalterSmith, Chuck
   Amount Due: $10.00
Wiley, RickGoethals, Ron
Wiley, RickKenyon, Bob
   Amount Due: $4.00
Wilkerson, LouHall, Dick
Wilkerson, LouKrueger, Art
   Amount Due: $4.00
Williams, GeneWagner, Mark
   Amount Due: $2.00
Williams, MikeMcKinney, Dal
   Amount Due: $2.00
Windsor, GregBacharach, Howie
Windsor, GregDaum, Scott
Windsor, GregHall, Dick
Windsor, GregJohnson, Dwight
Windsor, GregMedlin, Russ
Windsor, GregMeyer, Dennis
Windsor, GregNondorf, Roger
Windsor, GregRogers, Joel
Windsor, GregVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $18.00
Worm, LeRoyAston, Jeff
Worm, LeRoyBateman, James
Worm, LeRoyFryar, Dick
Worm, LeRoyGoethals, Ron
Worm, LeRoyGustafson, Rick
Worm, LeRoyStieneker, John
Worm, LeRoyVestal, Mike
   Amount Due: $14.00
Yarbrough, JimKimberlin, Larry
   Amount Due: $2.00
Zimmerman, GaryMcMahan, Tom
Zimmerman, GaryVetkoetter, Bobby
   Amount Due: $4.00